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 "Absolutely the best cake I ever ate!!!! When it was delivered to my house it was in perfect condition after traveling all the way to Virginia from Indiana. Such excellence in the packaging, presentation and partaking. Highly recommend any of these cakes! A great heritage of delicious baking for any generation."

     - Elia (Virginia)


"We enjoyed the fabulous Carrot Cake and the equally wonderful Chocolate Cake. If you are considering purchasing any cake, we highly recommend BOTH of those cakes! Awesome!"

     - Carol (Kentucky)


"The carrot cake we received as a gift from Dailey Delights is without question the best cake I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The instructions with the cake say it can be frozen and thawed to eat later, but it was so good we devoured it in a couple of short days and had no need for freezing.

Recently a close friend of ours had surgery and we weren't sure what to send since flowers didn't seem appropriate. We remembered how much we loved the cake we received from Dailey Delights as a gift and went ahead and ordered a chocolate delight cake for our friend. The cake arrived the very next day, and needless to say, he loved it and enjoyed it far more than flowers or a card.

Since everyone I know loves sweets, it is great to have an option other than flowers that will arrive just as quickly and is guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient's face."

     - Tai (Washington, DC)

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